Episode 19: "Selling & Promotion Tips"


I Have Dreams Dammit!


I HAVE DREAMS DAMMIT! is a podcast about the realities of pursuing dreams. This podcast is a collection of my feedback on various issues that come onto our paths as we pursue our dreams. I am mostly lit up by Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" and I discuss how the stages of the Hero's Journey is also true of the Dreamer's Journey.  


Death Talk Podcast


After having gone through profound personal loss that took me away from my dreams and from my business, what helped me the most was listening to others talk about how death & dying has affected their lives. I am committed to helping end the culture of silence surrounding death & dying. 


10 Minute Meditation


Need a break in your day? Stop and sharpen the saw by doing this 10-minute meditation. Close the door. Turn off the phone. It's time to reconnect to what REALLY matters. LISTEN NOW