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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the quickest way to increase Followers & Engagement?

Consistency is key!  High-quality, on-brand posts that are consistent will raise your company's likes and engagement. It takes a village to run a company AND post to social media. First, set up "content buckets" for the type of content your customers most want to see. Then, create a "posting schedule". Set some time aside to bundle all of your posts into the content buckets. 

We offer a little hand-holding in this if you'd prefer the extra help. We help you plan, you post. Sound like something that might help you?

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Do I need a website?

Some businesses don't need a website to conduct business.  Social media sites and/or e-commerce sites can function as a website. You can schedule a consultation with me to get some insights into what you need (and don't need!) Maybe you just need a Shopify account or an Etsy page. Let's discuss.

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I feel lost. Help!

We know there is a lot to learn - for all of us. And everything we are learning is constantly changing!  It's can make you go mad, or worse, give up. Don't give up! This business is your DREAM!  Don't let a foggy outlook or tech overload stop you from your destiny. Let me help you get clear one what you should focus on RIGHT NOW. Then from there, we can figure out the next steps together.

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